How to Break Into the Tech Field

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Technological advancements have a significant impact on society and the way people and industries function. The widespread use of technology for personal, academic, and business reasons indicate the relevance of the tech industry. The tech industry experiences constant growth and offers diverse positions for workers. People who want to be technology professionals should learn the industry ins and outs and gain skills that make them viable candidates for available tech roles.

Research the Tech Industry

It’s beneficial to learn about the tech industry before exploring roles you may fit. Prospective tech workers could speak with people who have current jobs in the field, and read online about the tech industry via professional publications, newsletters, websites, and web forums.


Reaching out to tech professionals and forging relationships with them can give someone insight into the industry. Developers, programmers, computer builders, and more in your circle can provide professional tech-related information, advice, and accounts of the day-to-day experience of working in a particular role.

Active networking in the tech world presents people with opportunities to expand their professional circle and find a mentor who can guide one’s entry into the industry and provide knowledgeable feedback.

Use Online Tools

The Internet offers paid and free resources that can help someone learn skills needed to break into the tech industry. Individuals with or without a related degree can find courses that teach people about using the most useful and relevant tech programs.

A certification such as the Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA), for example, can be beneficial for entering the field. Cisco is a renowned manufacturer of IT network equipment that benefits countless businesses and industries. The CCNA certification validates that an individual possesses the skill, ability, knowledge, and expertise needed to install, troubleshoot, and configure networks, and more. Information technology (IT) teams provide services that enable worldwide businesses to operate efficiently in profitable ways. CCNA professionals in tech roles handle technical operations and are responsible for ensuring network equipment, such as routers, firewalls, and switches, perform adequately.

Considering businesses’ reliance on data center operations and the growth of eCommerce companies, receiving the CCNA certification is a necessity for professionals working in these roles. People seeking CCNA certification should study and train for CCNA exams ahead of time and can do so by taking CCNA practice tests from AlphaPrep, an online test prep app. The AlphaPrep app guides people during the studying process and offers the best practice exam questions. Industry experts serve as AlphaPrep instructors, who monitor users’ progress and help them take the steps needed to receive a passing score on a CCNA exam.

For more experience, sharpened skills, and to increase their qualifications for tech jobs, people should consider doing tech projects during their spare time. Once someone gains a foundation of tech knowledge and is confident in their abilities, they could start a technology project that will gain attention. Being a tech worker could lead to someone creating websites, starting businesses, and working with large tech corporations.

Considering that 90 percent of American adults are Internet users, per the Pew Research Center, a tech professional can benefit from starting a digital business. Someone who can create web pages, resolve intricate network issues, and has experience repairing and upgrading technological equipment, will have the insight and expertise that running an eCommerce company entails.

Tech professionals who become industry entrepreneurs can start their business without breaking the bank. To open an online store cost-effectively, business owners should acquire physical merchandise to sell via dropshipping. This order fulfillment method doesn’t require entrepreneurs to purchase inventory upfront. When business owners sell products, they pass the sales to a third-party supplier of their choice who handles shipping the products to customers. Modalyst, an eCommerce drop shipping company, optimizes order fulfillment with its drop shipping software. Through partnerships with big sites like Wix, Shopify, and BigCommerce, Modalyst supplies business owners with affordable products such as electronic devices, bags, clothing, and jewelry at wholesale prices.

Acquiring technological certification and using cost-effective resources and suppliers in business operations gives entrepreneurs the ability to expand their business in an industry, whether they’re a technology novice or expert.

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