3 Tasks You Should Outsource Immediately

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Time is always of the essence for businesses seeking growth, and how you manage your time as well as your resources determine how far you’ll go. There are several tasks that keep your business running that need to get done regularly. Unfortunately, not all these tasks are useful for business development, and if you wish to grow, you must devote more time to the tasks that directly contribute to growth. Many large companies do this using automation.

Some tasks that are important but unessential to expansion are invoicing, payment processing, mailing, check printing, quality assurance, and customer service. Some of these tasks can be automated, while some cannot to a successful degree. In the cases of those that cannot, the best option is to outsource them to third-party services. Here are three tasks that are eating into useful time and should be outsourced immediately.

Call center QA

Customer service is at the heart of every business and any business looking to survive must retain customers—customer service must constantly be improved. Ensuring good customer experience takes time that could be used for other important tasks. Call center software from companies like Bright Pattern already make running a call center easy, and you can hire a call center agent to attend to customer needs. However, you must still ensure accountability on behalf of your customers and that’s where quality assurance comes in.

You could either hire another person to carry out QA, but you’d still have to act as a supervisor, or you could outsource the entire QA process. Bright Pattern runs a call center quality assurance software along with its virtual call center offering. With this QA service, you’d get real-time analytics and measurements of your call center’s customer interactions. Traditional methods involved using metrics like scorecards and evaluation forms to rate an agent’s performance on a call, but with modern contact centers that leverage omnichannel integration of social media, SMS, email, and voice calls on a single platform, a more holistic approach to QA has to be taken, one that measures beyond call recording. This new approach will include speech analytics, sentiment analysis, artificial intelligence, etc to achieve maximum automation.

With Bright Pattern’s call center quality assurance software, you also get a support team including a team of real-life quality managers to ensure that your contact center works to deliver optimal customer experience.


Online invoicing is old news, but automated invoicing is still elusive to some businesses. Manually handling invoicing for hundreds of customers is a wasteful task. Automated online invoice-generating services are available to generate and send invoices to customers and merchants without supervision.

Check Printing and Mailing

Check printing and mailing is a task that really doesn’t add to your business growth, and you should never waste time doing it. If you have a large volume of checks to send, you can do it with an online check printing service. One of such services is the online check services by Smart Payables. This service offers functionality that automates the entire process and makes accountability easier.

To begin, contact any online service you wish to outsource to. It should be one with the right software that carries out the best practices, so be sure to read through their offering. Next, request for a quote or to speak to a representative with whom you will discuss all the necessary details. If you decide to move ahead, verify your bank account and create an account with your service provider.

The provider’s support team should assist you with setting up your account, after which you will be assigned a representative that will act as a supervisor for your account. Once your account has been set up, you should be directed to your dashboard where you can upload payments and database information for bills, payments, and other online banking information.

Check printing and payment processing services like the one offered by Smart Payables go beyond check printing and mailing. You can also direct deposit to multiple employee accounts.

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