3 Ways To Spend Your Next Stimulus Check

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Soon, the United States’ Government will be releasing another stimulus check in a bid to reinvigorate the U.S.’s economy. This allowance will be available to all taxpayers who earn up to $75k per annum (or $150k if joint taxpayers). The second time these checks have been used as a stimulant for the economy in recent history, with the first use being during the 2008 global financial crisis.

But why is the United States’ Government essentially handing out free money? What is in it for the economy? Well, with the COVID-19 pandemic laying waste to so many small businesses, in particular the ones based in the retail industry, money needs to be spent on them so that they can recycle back into the American economy. That’s essentially what the stimulus checks are; spending money to buy from retailers and keep them trading.

Whilst you may have already got some plans on how to spend your stimulus check, and thus stimulate growth and resurgence in the economy, here are three ways to consider as well.

1. On Yourself

There’s no denying that the Coronavirus has forced public health back into public consciousness. While we are all focusing on the air quality and not breathing in bad virus particles, we can truly be said of our attention to our eating habits. Let’s face it. Fast food delivery and takeaway services have seen a huge increase in custom. Many people are now working from home, and haven’t the energy to cook something new every evening, or are not near enough the company canteen to get away with it. This can create some problems.

The problem with this is that our digestive systems are probably taking a bit of a pounding over the long term. Water retention and harmful inflammation is a problem caused by poorer gut health and leads to other issues such as swelling in the ankles, swollen feet puffiness in the face, especially puffy eyes and a general bloating all over. So when that check comes through, instead of spending any of it on junk food that is doing you no good, try some daily supplements that will not only reduce that swelling but will get your gut feeling good again.

SwellNoMore is a daily diuretic anti-inflammation supplement that reduces bloating by decreasing water retention (edema) while containing natural ingredients with antioxidant effects that will leave you feeling renewed. Instead of reaching for the menus, reach for Swellnomore anti-inflammation supplements instead.

2. On Your Home

In addition to bad food, quarantine has let some bad habits come back and not give us the willpower to conquer them. Well, who can really blame you? The pandemic has had the maximum effect on drying out our inspirations. For those who have been forced to work from the confines of their own homes, even for the most fantastic job in the world, it’s easy to lose the will to dress up smartly every morning, take the right time away from the desks at break time, and leave the office completely. This requires a bit of extra effort.

For those who are smokers, and not those of the nicotine type, it’s going to stand to reason that your rooms are going to develop a bit of an odor. The scent of weed permeates the air like no others and is very hard to get rid of. If you reside in a state where the 2018 Farm Bill is not quite as freedom-loving as you would like it to be, then it’s probably for the best that that smell doesn’t get out and give too much away.

Before the quarantine lifts and we can allow friends and family members back into the home, it’s probably for the best that you have that scent eaten away. For that, get on over to smellveil.com and get yourself some Veil odor eliminating spray. Unlike conventional sprays, which have a nasty habit of masking your nasty habits, Veil will break down the smell of smoke on a molecular level and rid your home of it completely. Having been developed by a crack team of chemists and specialists, Veil has the unique distinction of also being eco-friendly, non-toxic, and (to ensure that your stimulus check is truly stimulating the economy) American-made.

3. Locally

As stated earlier, one of the biggest casualties of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, aside from the effect on the physical health of the nation, is on the economy, particularly for small businesses and the retail sector. Although the stimulus checks are intended for you to spend money that will go back into the economy, perhaps they would be best placed going back into it on a local level. When you ultimately get to step back through the front door and engage in some retail therapy, keep it close by and support the small companies in your area. You won’t regret it, and you’ll help so many others in doing so.

For example, if you are looking to spruce up your curb appeal and live in the Michigan area, then consider getting your replacement windows in Grand Rapids, MI, from the small home improvement company All-Weather Seal. This is a small, local company of specialists that truly represents the struggles of small, non-branded businesses during the pandemic. Helping a company like this has bigger implications, and hiring one like them is for more than simple window replacements.

Grand Rapids is an area that has seen real difficulty in the current economic crisis due to the Coronavirus. So receiving support from the local community would be a big boost not only to the region’s wealth but also to this Michigan community’s strength.

As the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be regressing more and more, we have to be ready to step back out into the world and embrace the ability to socialize and live freely again. However, to do that, there needs to be an economy to use and push into the retail and hospitality sectors. Stay home, buy close, and keep it American-made.

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