3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Office for a Video Shoot


So you arrive at the office one day, and your boss excitedly tells you that you’re all going to be involved in a video shoot. Even better, you are the boss and someone suggests to you that your office would benefit from a video shoot. In either scenario, you might be asking them why.

Well, in any market, advertising has always been key to a business’s success. But as technology has improved, having design services and graphic artists come up with a catchy new poster featuring a logo just isn’t quite enough. That logo has to reach people on a variety of social media, online and off, and in a manner that speaks to all. Videos continue to be a great way to do just that.

But the last time you checked, you didn’t have a degree in Film Production from UCLA, nor a background in set design. Worry not, there are motion graphics services and video content creators who can help you reach your target audience with ease, and they do generally have their own art directors to help make sure that the office and its staff all look great. But they will be going for the natural visual qualities, and they’ll want to see your workspace as is, without adding any imagery to the visual identity of the project. Whilst a complete renovation will not be necessary, there are things you can to spruce up the office for a video shoot.

1. Get help from a great video production service.

Now, before you do anything, it’s always a great idea to have the best people for the job. Although it’s just been said that you are not the art director and the visual identity is not your concern, but finding the best people for whom it will be, is. With the right team, the creative work should be of no stress to you, as the best motion design services will handle everything from storyboard to voiceover. (However, they may ask you to provide the voiceover to keep everything in-house, in which case don’t panic. Recording narration is a piece of cake, and you won’t be expected to know the ins-and-outs of the role, so don’t go about booking in for vocal training just yet!)

Hiring a motion design team such as Omnislash will help you with the office space, and will likely have a few illustrations for you to see before filming. They can go through a couple of ideas that you can bring to your office space before filming and will keep you in the look throughout the production and post-production process. Motion graphics design is a fine art, and having a great motion design team is certainly the difference between good advertising and mediocre advertising.

2. Throw in some foliage.


When you pass an outdoor space that has a patio garden filled with large pots of tropical plants and baskets of beautiful flowers hanging all over, you stop and take notice. Even in cold weather, tropicals make the full sunshine and the hummingbirds sing. OK, that may have sounded more like a fairytale than a garden, but there is no denying that plants and shrubs are a joy to look at.

But whilst you might be focused on making sure your brand identity shines through in your office space video shoot, there’s no harm in adding a little more texture to your workplace with pots of houseplants. Bring some patio plants into the office and add some greenery to the shots. In fact, after the shoot is over, there’s no harm in keeping the new plants dotted around the plants. If the office has climate control, then it will accommodate multiple types of plants, and the many windows will ensure that there will be either an abundance or not much sun for them to thrive in, depending on what they need. Some houseplants will even help by reducing the humidity in the air, and if the workplace has a balcony, you can put some out there in order to improve the building’s luck.

New plants and shrubs may be the best thing to spruce up your office, regardless of if there is a video shoot or not! To save you the hassle of picking them out, head over to a site like Lively Root, who will arrange delivery of your new plants to the office, after you have selected them from their range.

3. Get everyone involved.

Most people are shy, and the first thing they’ll say when you ask them if they want to be in a video shoot is that they “don’t look good on camera.” Here’s a secret: everyone looks good on camera.

But if they don’t want to be filmed, or have made an excuse about deadlines that prevent them from being interviewed or featured heavily, then give them a compromise. Turn them into background artists. This way they don’t have to be seen if they don’t want to, but will still be in the shot, just as a blur. Just ask them to smile a little if they’re passing through the shot.

A populated office, with happy workers, will do wonders for your video shoot. The best way to spruce up the space is by first sprucing up the atmosphere, so get everyone involved and enjoy the process. It’s the best advertising anyone could ask for.

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