5 Home-Based Business Ideas


Working from home is a feasible possibility for almost anyone. All it takes to have a successful home-based business is motivation, discipline, and an in-demand skill set. A home business allows for a flexible schedule, minimal operational costs, less time spent commuting, and creative freedom. If the time has come for a change in career path, consider these five home-based business ideas and discover the possibility of entrepreneurship. 

Be a virtual call center agent 

A virtual call center agent is a contact center agent who works remotely. Virtual agents can be contracted by either a single company or an outsourcing company. They can work from anywhere that has a stable internet connection that allows them to use a chat interface or support ticket platform. Access to a quality headset and a quiet environment to make calls is also necessary. 

Web-based call center platforms make virtual agent duties easy to accomplish. A cloud-based call center software is an omnichannel platform that allows agents to communicate across multiple channels to deliver quality customer interactions. Agents can easily switch from phone calls, SMS messages, live chat, and email to communicate with customers in their preferred method, all while maintaining an accurate record of the communication history. 

Become a reseller 

Finding an online platform to sell goods is easy, from reselling vintage clothing and antique goods to overstock furniture and electronics. All one needs is supply to fulfill orders, storage space to keep inventory organized, and attractive online presentation with competitive prices. 

Stock up on inventory for practical prices at online liquidation stores. Direct Liquidation features liquidation auctions from major retailers like Apple, Amazon, and Walmart, allowing buyers to purchase overstock and returned items direct from the retailer. Never worry about running low on product with the ability to source surplus inventory in wholesale lots. 

Design websites, applications, and graphic arts

Design skills are easily translatable to home-based business. Coders and website designers can freelance through word-of-mouth or freelance sites to get business and create unique websites. Phone applications are constantly being churned out to enhance daily life and add fun to routine tasks. Apps can be created from anywhere at any time of the day. 

Graphic designers are responsible for creating flyers, brand logos, advertisements, informational pamphlets, and product catalogs. These services can be marketed to ad agencies, content creation agencies, magazines, and more. 

Event and travel planning

Event and travel planning can be done from a home office. Clients can either come to the office or be met at event locations. Planning events is ideal for someone who enjoys working with different personalities, building client relationships, keeping track of details, and has a sense of creativity. 

Plenty of resources are available to ease the stress of travel planning and make the process more enjoyable. For those who like making and organizing travel arrangements, crafting itineraries, and have a knack for finding deals, work from home as a travel planner. 

Set up a website linked to social media that features client reviews and testimonials, details about the services offered, and photos and videos. Between online marketing and word of mouth referrals, finding business as an event or travel planner is effortless. 

Create a mobile spa business 

For a skill set in wellness and holistic practices, consider starting a mobile spa business. Spa treatments like massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and hair and makeup can all be done on site at a client’s home. Startup costs are low, and ongoing operational costs are considerably less without storefront expenses. Market services online to clients who lead busy lifestyles and who can benefit from having treatments brought to them. 

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