How to Choose the Best Software Platforms for Your Brand

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Choosing software plugins for continued brand growth is a big decision for any business or enterprise, large or small. No matter what industry you represent, filling your office with tools that will help you to find success is crucial to building a brand that gets things done.

One of those key features is in your contact center setup. Many brands have chosen to ‘in-source their call center operations in recent years. Bringing back contact center duties from India or the Philippines is a big decision, but the market research suggests that consumers in the United States prioritize brands that take notice of their needs––and the desire to speak with CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) that are based within the United States has become a big seller for all varieties of business enterprises.

That said, how to implement this change is still a significant question in the mind of business professionals. Many are choosing to hire firms to handle their telephony. Agents based in the U.S. can handle these calls in a professional and courteous manner, but they don’t know your business in the same way that an in-house team might. Bringing the contact center operations back under your team’s management is a long-trending change that is shaking up the industry for the better.

All this is to say that the new direction in omnichannel quality management, customer service, and disruptive tech may be making waves within the business world, but it doesn’t answer the question of how to implement these essential updates.

Start with your team’s functional needs.


Call centers of the past relied on large control rooms to target available agent terminals and direct calls to one representative who would handle the client’s requests or concerns. This doesn’t have to be the way it’s done today though.

These old-school calling solutions are expensive to install, and even more costly to operate over the long term. The speed of deployment has increased rapidly in the modern world, and contact centers now often take advantage of cloud-based software packages to deploy their calling operations. This is also perfect for workers who are fielding consumer complaints, queries, and concerns from home as the coronavirus pandemic makes office work more challenging for everyone.

The cloud offers a look at the future of calling.


The cloud-based nature of modern calling technology is a godsend for firms looking to reinstate an in-house customer service team as well. With outstanding reviews and an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard, the calling software offered by Bright Pattern is a great way to take advantage of the cost-cutting and powerful solutions of the modern industrial landscape of customer service. What’s more, these programs can be engaged with just an Internet Explorer or Chrome web browser. Bright Pattern is the preeminent vendor in digital contact center solutions; the firm is the creator of an agent desktop helper application as well. (For more on Bright Pattern see

Rather than bringing in bulky and hard-to-operate machinery, the low profile format of the cloud-based products offered by Bright Pattern will have your agents up to speed in a single training session and quickly on the phones helping customers. The shakeup has begun and Bright Pattern lies at the center of the new norm in this all-important space for every business.

Finding the perfect solutions for your business needs can be tricky, but when it comes to calling issues and customer service solutions, the question answers itself. Bright Pattern and the cutting-edge trend of digital calling solutions are the future of the industry. They seek to do away with the old infrastructure and boring CSR scripts that go nowhere, and they are succeeding. More and more corporate clients are realizing the ease of use that these solutions provide and are making the switch. Take advantage of the opportunity before you and implement this easy-to-use software package.

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