How to Make an Effective Training Video for Your Newer Employees

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States and cities are beginning to lift their initial lockdowns from the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a relief to see places opening up again: restaurants are offering patio seating, retail stores are welcoming visitors with restrictions, and (most importantly) companies are looking to hire again.

It’s likely that your own company is looking to bring on new staff. While you prepare for orientation, it’s a good idea to create your own training video (for remote purposes especially). Here are a few tips on how to make an effective training video:

Hire a Videography Company

Homemade videos just won’t cut it for your company. It’s essential that you take the same measures in video production for any content inside your company as you would for marketing purposes. A company that maintains its quality throughout its internal and external communications is a company that recognizes the importance of staying on brand.

COLDEA Productions is a Los Angeles video production company that provides video content services such as training videos, video commercials, corporate videos, and a stream of other video content options. Whether it’s a promotion video or a series of training video work, this production company creates a great experience with their team of videographers, photographers, and animators. In addition to creating incredible video work, COLDEA Productions can also assist with branding and website design, which are two essential factors that are featured primarily on social media. This videography company in Los Angeles would be great to work with to create training videos for your company.

Include Relevant Information

Visual effects, photos, and videos are generally easier to remember rather than textual information from informational packets. In fact, experts say that pairing visuals with important information will help people retain it. Even still, it may be difficult for employees to sit through longer videos; the amount of content that’s required to be digested can be overwhelming. Here are a few factors to think about while first planning your company’s training videos:

  • What will be the featured points? There is a lot of necessary information that employees will need to know. However, it’ll need to be condensed and concise to include in the video. Short and simple is always a good tactic. (Tip: set an objective of what you want your employees to get out of the video prior while in the planning process. It’s easier to plan when you have a clear goal in mind!)
  • How will this be directed? Will there be a series of scenarios that play out? Is there a narrator that will tell the brand’s story throughout the video? This is definitely one of the more creative parts of planning; have some fun and be open-minded when deciding how to relay the information in visual form.
  • Play around with interactive aspects. To keep your employees attentive, have your video include breaks and pauses for on-screen questions. It’ll give them time to discuss what they’re watching and stay up to speed.

Dress to Impress

The primary attraction of videos includes the people we’re watching on the screen. They become even more captivating when they’re dressed nicely. You know how we admire seeing our favorite celebrities out in their glamorous outfits? The same should go for your employers and team members; the audience should be impressed by their clothing choices.

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