How to Save Money on Commercial Kitchen Appliances

a chef in a restaurant kitchen

An important step in setting up your commercial kitchen is stocking it with the right restaurant equipment. As this is one of the most important decisions that you as a restaurant owner will have to make, you should give this process the utmost care. Be sure to look out for sales on commercial kitchen equipment to ensure that you’re making sound financial decisions. To help you save money as you search for the appropriate restaurant equipment, here is a list of five steps that you can take to save money without compromising on the quality of your restaurant equipment.

1. Scout for energy-efficient commercial kitchen equipment.


Besides helping you design an environmentally-friendly kitchen setting, energy-saving kitchen appliances are more cost-effective, in the long run. This is because Energy Star-certified restaurant equipment may seem expensive at the outset because of the hefty price tag that comes attached to them upfront. While they might seem expensive at the point of sale, the EPA Energy Star-rating ascribed to energy-saving kitchen appliances lets you know from the outset just how much energy specific appliances will be consuming in a month.

This ability to gauge the specific amount of energy that you will be saving in a month when you purchase a piece of kitchen equipment will allow you to see just how much money you save on your monthly electricity bill.

2. Consider purchasing used restaurant equipment.


Studies show that nearly 30% of new restaurants fail within the first five years of going into business. Because of this, most of these businesses are likely to have new-ish or gently used restaurant equipment still in pristine condition up for sale. Most times, these items are made available for purchase through online auctions, eBay, Craigslist postings, and through restaurant supply stores.

Out of all these buying options, restaurant supply stores are the safest way to purchase used restaurant equipment because above all else, they offer warranties and after-sales services, which most online sellers do not. Restaurant equipment can be extremely heavy and may require hauling services which come at an additional cost. Another added benefit of using a restaurant supply store is that they also supply transportation at no additional cost.

3. Pay attention to where you install your kitchen appliances.


Once purchased, take extra care as to where you place your appliances — each piece of equipment should be placed correctly. Some equipment should not be placed next to each other. Your freezer and refrigerator, for instance, shouldn’t be situated close to equipment that emits much heat, like the deep fryer for instance. Make sure you read the product guide of each piece of equipment before deciding on your kitchen layout. Additionally, make sure that your kitchen is well ventilated to ensure that your equipment does not overheat.

4. Explore alternative financing options.


Commercial kitchen equipment is not cheap. This being the case, you may not always have the full amount on hand to purchase the desired restaurant appliances immediately. Most restaurant supply stores offer restaurant equipment financing options such as renting commercial kitchen equipment where you can pay for your commercial kitchen dishwasher, ice machine, grill, or freezer — to mention a few — in manageable monthly installments.

5. Have your appliances regularly serviced and maintained.


Like most appliances, your kitchen equipment should be regularly serviced to make sure that they are well-maintained and that they do not break down unexpectedly. Making sure that your appliances are regularly maintained will save a ton of cash by intercepting imperceptible functional issues before they become too expensive to repair. A good restaurant supply store will also be able to get you in touch with a technician.

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