Should You Rent a Storage Unit?

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Self-storage units are a great financial option for individuals and businesses looking to create extra space in their homes or professional spaces. Beyond the financial payoff, self-storage facilities are becoming increasingly popular. Below, we explore four reasons for their popularity.

1. An Easier Moving Day


Moving is a stressful process and in most cases, renting a storage unit can be the best way to offset some of that stress. Whether you need to downsize to a smaller space, stage your home for a real estate sale, join two households together, or wait out a moving date that has been pushed back; a storage unit can come in handy at this time.

With facilities all over the United States, U.S. Self Storage should be able to find a storage space close to where you need it. If you’re planning a move to the Bronx area, for instance, U.S. Self Storage has an online database that will help you find affordable storage in the Bronx. Plus, if you’re unsure of the size of storage space you’ll need, they can also help you figure this out. With storage facilities throughout the state of New York, they also offer a variety of storage options to choose from. Should you need car storage, motorcycle storage, or boat storage solutions, their customer service team will be more than happy to help you with this.

However, before you seek vehicle storage, be sure to speak to your insurance provider about common car insurance exclusions.

2. To Manage Renovations


While you may not be moving, you may feel the need to renovate your attic, have your floor tiles repaired, or fix a leak in the kitchen sink (to mention a few examples of requirements). Additionally, you may also want to have professional grout cleaning or professional carpet cleaning done. Storage facilities allow homeowners to empty the area of the home that needs renovations and cleaning so that the hired professionals can work freely.

3. To Store Inventory


Your business storage need varies based on what you do professionally. For instance, a hardware store business owner may need extra space to store an incoming stock of hearing protection or motorized wheelbarrows. This is in comparison to a first-time wellness entrepreneur who may need a smaller unit as they work on building a dedicated client-base.

Additionally, a self-storage facility can also act as a small warehouse for business owners who receive samples or inventory on a regular basis. When compared to a fully-fledged warehouse, the rental fee of a storage facility makes it the more affordable option. What’s more, with security control amenities like a personal access code and CCTV surveillance you can have easy access to your storage locker whenever you like, with the added guarantee that your business assets will remain physically safe.

4. For Seasonal Storage

During harsh weather turns, storing seasonal items like your lawnmower, garden hose, or camping gear in your garage during the cold weather may not be the best way to care for your belongings. If you want to prepare your house for winter, for instance, keeping seasonal items like these in a storage unit is the best solution.

Some of the best storage facilities come fitted with a climate control feature that allows for excellent air quality within the unit. These units filter warm air, and in the process allow air circulation making sure that the air quality with the self-storage unit remains clean.


A number of climate-controlled storage spaces also have a humidity control feature and if you have wood furniture, you may want to consider a humidity-controlled unit. This is because too much moisture in the air or air leaks can cause your valuables to grow mildew, or even form cracks in the structure.

Climate controlled storage facilities maintain a steady temperature throughout the year. While these storage facilities may be more on the expensive side, the peace of mind they provide when storing certain valuables is unmatched.

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