Three Reasons to Try Press On Nails Before Your First Date


First dates can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Whether you met the person on a dating site or through a more traditional way, it’s not uncommon to feel nervous as you get ready. You hear so many success stories about people falling in love, and this could be your chance. While you might not know whether this person is your soul mate right away, you want to put your best face forward. Or, more specifically, your best hands forward. Skip the pricey nail salons without sacrificing quality. Here’s why you should opt for press ons for your first date.

1. Press ons are fast.

Getting a manicure takes time. You have to make an appointment, travel to the salon, and wait while the technician cleans and clips your natural nails. While this experience might be fun if you have an afternoon with the girls, you don’t always have time ahead of your first date. If you’re meeting the guy after work then you only have a few hours to get ready. Even if you do your nails at home, you don’t have time to sit around while your nails dry.

Ahead of a first date, you want everything to look good. You want your hair to be styled perfectly and your makeup to be flawless. This is difficult if your nails are still wet.

Press on nails can give you the flawless manicure you want in only a few minutes. You simply peel back the stickers on the back of your chosen press ons and let the glue stick to your natural nails. Most people won’t realize they’re fake nails and you can move on to other parts of date prep with beautiful, dry nail designs.

2. You can change them as often as you want.

If this date goes well, then you might meet up again in a few days. While a second date might be a little more relaxed than the first one, you still want to look good. After all, you want to show that you look better in real life than the photos you picked for the dating site you met on (a dating site like if you have a Persian background).

A new date means new nails. With press ons, you can change your nails as frequently as you change your stilettos. Opt for a nude color if you want the focus to be on your outfit or look for fun summer colors that are exciting and flirty.

By opting for press on gel nails, you can set your nail tone based on your date activities. Try a deep, romantic red for an intimate dinner or a flirty glitter pink for a day at the amusement park.

3. They are easy to remove.

If you need to look professional at work, then you might not be able to arrive with glitter all over your nails. One of the best reasons to use fake nails ahead of a date is that you can remove them after. The adhesive tabs allow the nail to stick while also making it easy to remove when you intentionally peel it off.

Another benefit of press ons is that you don’t have to handle harsh acetone and nail glue. This is better for your nail health in the long run. You can wear nude nails to work the next day and then stop by the drugstore for your next favorite color the day after.

Your nails reflect you as a person. You are a professional woman when you wear nude nails to work and a fun person who loves glitter on the weekends. Show your first date your fun personality without the stress of getting a salon mani. Check out some of the best press nail options to wow the next person you meet on a dating site.

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