Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend


Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show your love for others and this isn’t limited to romantic love. Dote on your best friend with a unique gesture to let them know how special they are.

A Spa Day

Sign your best friend up for a day at the spa. They can unwind with a massage. You can also sign them up for a facial, a manicure and a pedicure. Some spas offer hydrotherapy treatments. Many also offer hair care services. Your friend can get their hair cut, colored and styled. It may also be an option to sign up for acupressure or healing therapy. The specific options available will depend on the spa you choose. This is a great gift for someone who needs to get away and relax for a few hours.

A Youthful Look

Treat your best friend to their first botox appointment. Botox is a medically-approved procedure that lets you reduce wrinkles. It can also correct defects and be used to treat muscular disorders and digestive problems. Botox is an affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery. It also has an impressive safety record. If your friend has been complaining about their crow’s feet this can be a great gift. Better yet, book appointments for two and share your first treatments together.

Event Tickets

Does your best friend have a list of musicians they’d love to see in person? Perhaps they enjoy stand-up comedy or theatre. Find an artist or show they want to see and buy tickets for them as a special gift. This is a great choice for the person who has everything or a friend who rarely indulges in a night out. You can opt to share the experience with them or let them choose a companion for the event. Some shows can also be packaged as day trips to neighboring cities or other states.

Photo Storage

Is your best friend a shutterbug? ibi is a photo storage device with 1 Terabyte of storage space. This means that it can hold up to 2 million photos that are 500 Kilobytes in size. Devices like ibi are easy and convenient to use. They can be connected to smartphones and computers via the Internet and be programmed to automatically download new content. Your best friend will never have to worry about remembering to back up their photos again. They’ll also never out of room to take new pictures.

Friendship Scrapbook

You and your best friend and have been through it all over the years and chances are you have a number of photos to prove it. Select photos from some of your best memories and get them printed to make a personal scrapbook. You can buy a scrapbook in a craft store and include custom pages with designs your friend will enjoy. Compliment the photos with favorite sayings, song lyrics, event ticket stubs or other memorabilia. If you aren’t crafty you can also opt to use software and order a printed photo book.

A Night Out

A great way to show your friend how important they are is to spend some time with them. Take them out for dinner at a favorite restaurant or try a new venue they’re interested in. Maybe they would enjoy a trip to a nearby city or mall so that they can go shopping. If you’re looking for fresh and fun ideas, think about things that they used to do when they were young. Take them roller skating or ice skating. Plan a trip to an arcade. Other options include going bowling or playing pool.

Vouchers for a Class

Has your best friend always wanted to take yoga? Maybe they’re interested in pottery but haven’t indulged in a course. Perhaps they want to learn a second language or to play the guitar. The great thing about classes is that they come in all shapes and sizes. You can opt for one starter class for a few hours to give your friends a chance to see if they like the activity. If it’s something you feel confident they’ll enjoy, you can sign them up for a recurring weekly class. This is a great way to show your best friend you care about their interests and support them.

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