What You’ll Need To Open a Luxury Barbershop

a couple of men sitting in a room

Barbershops have been around since the times of ancient Rome. They have long been places to socialize where the locals go to catch up on the neighborhood news. These small shops specialize in cutting men’s hair and providing shaving services. For many barbers, opening and operating a successful independent barbershop can be the ultimate goal. As an independent barber, you can set your prices, develop your own clientele, and make your own money.

Getting to the point of opening up your own shop is no easy feat, and it will take time, patience, and hard work. Most barbers start out working in someone else’s shop until they have the skills and resources to venture out independently. Opening up your own barbershop can be an exciting prospect, but it will require a significant investment of money and time. Let’s look at some of the things that you’ll need to open a luxury barbershop.



Aside from a physical building, the most important thing that you’ll need for your own luxury barbershop is equipment. You’ll need quality equipment to make your customers comfortable and create a professional environment. From your scissors and clippers to your barber chairs, every piece of equipment matters. First impressions are so important with your customers, and you’ll want to a bold statement with your setup. When you walk to into a shop with run-down chairs and cracked mirrors, you probably aren’t expecting a quality experience. To be successful, you’ll want your customers to expect a quality experience and receive one.

Perhaps no other piece of equipment will be as important as the barber chairs in your shop. The right chairs will tie your shop together to create a cohesive atmosphere to make your customers comfortable. If you are planning a luxury barbershop, your chairs also need to be luxurious. Electric barber chairs can reflect a modern design and provide the utmost comfort. To select the right barber chairs, you will want to shop around to find the right style for your shop. Searching for “top electric barber chair for sale” will help you locate quality chairs for your classic style. The best barber chairs will be the ones that fit your style and shop.

Customer Spaces


Once you have selected the best barber chairs for your shop, you will want to focus on the other customer spaces. The goal for your luxury barbershop is to create an inviting atmosphere where your customers will be comfortable. Rather than a cold waiting area with a table and some magazines, try to create a lounge atmosphere where your customers hang out rather than just wait for their turn. Bring in some comfortable chairs, create a beverage center with some coffee, water, or other drinks, and install some cool lighting.

With everything that has happened in the last year, your customers will expect a clean and safe space free from viruses like COVID-19. To help make your customers comfortable and give them peace of mind, you can install a portable HEPA filter. An air filter will help improve indoor air quality and get rid of airborne particles. When your customers see that you have invested in air filtration with HEPA technology, they will feel at ease in your shop. HEPA filtration can also protect you and your staff from viruses and other allergens and contaminants.

Starting your own barbershop might be the ultimate dream. The barbershop industry is a multi-billion dollar business, and there is plenty of room for you to be successful. To do this, you’ll want to create a luxury shop where your customers feel comfortable. From your barber chairs to waiting areas, you’ll want to craft a barbershop with your customers in mind. With comfort, style, and clean air, you can have the best barbershop in the neighborhood.

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