Why Tech and Manufacturing Innovations Go Hand-in-Hand

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The manufacturing industry gets a bad rap. Oftentimes, we think of this sector as rife with menial labor, simplistic best practices, and routine tasks are done over and over again. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, last year was a banner year for -manufacturing, and the innovations within the sector account for the continued workflows and alignment that has made productivity possible alongside shutdowns in the United States and abroad resulting from COVID-19. In reality, the manufacturing industry benefits greatly from the innovations and data technology advances that the tech sector provides.

The workers that commute every day to factories and industrial sites are some of the most skilled craftsmen in the marketplace. For those looking to learn how to make it as an entrepreneur, take notice of the manufacturing sector for its fast-paced work schedule and high-intensity output. The driving production of the manufacturing sector creates major profitability for large and small companies alike. Those in the business often feel an enormous level of satisfaction with the work they do as a result of the combination of data-driven insight with robotics and supply chain advances, and the ability to create with their hands.

The manufacturing workplace benefits from a variety of different advances that begin with core workforce organization and task setting processes.

Manufacturing firms boost productivity with specialized software.


The agility of a workforce is only as good as its planning infrastructure. This begins with goal setting and target management that stems from the leadership team in any organization. Utilizing tools like WorkBoard software and OKRs to manage and game outperformance is a must in any industry, but are particularly important in the fast-paced world of manufacturing. These types of goal setting frameworks help your team stay focused on the essential tasks that must be performed in order to maintain productivity and high standards of product fabrication, regardless of the actual items that leave your factory floor.

OKRs and the software offerings of WorkBoard, in particular, are a great addition to your team’s overall management. OKRs provide a decision-making framework that is trusted by the likes of Google to drive its future growth operations and goal tracking processes. By breaking your vision into objectives and key results, you can effectively create a systematic approach to long term goal setting that is underpinned by shorter-term key results that drive you toward your vision. With five to six objectives, and the same amount of key results acting as milestones on the way to these overarching objectives you can effectively plan for future quarters or years and track your progress in real-time toward these goals. This framework was made popular by John Doerr and Google and is quickly becoming a mainstay of the manufacturing industry, and other sectors of the market in the United States and around the world.

In the manufacturing industry, speed, precision, and quality control are crucial to maintaining high-profit margins and keeping waste and poor quality products from eating away at your productivity. Time spend fixing mistakes is time not dedicated to creating profit, so the overriding use of goal setting and tracking tools is critical to finding long term success. Similarly, the introduction of machine components like keyseater tooling and CNC machines are remarkably important for improving the quality, accuracy, and speed of the products that your floor staff pushes out every day.

Cybersecurity measures are crucial to maintaining business in manufacturing.


The introduction of technological advancements into the world of manufacturing means that cybersecurity is now a crucial component of fabrication and product creation as well. The security of a manufacturing facility has always been a high priority for those in the industry. Corporate espionage often begins at the planning and fabrication phase; but with the increased use of programming and software to create specific product lines and generate models digitally, the need for enhanced cybersecurity is evident. No longer must thieves-turned-hackers break into your physical site in order to make off with your most prized possessions. The internet and corresponding digital infrastructure of your plant make for a highway of interconnectivity that hackers can traverse in order to find and steal industry secrets or future design ideas that will create the future profits that will keep your firm going. Cyber attacks can come from anywhere. A cookie is a browser, false customer support attacks, or brute force cyberattacks that target stakeholders’ sensitive information are all vulnerabilities on the radar of hackers and cybercriminals.

Cybersecurity is a composite idea that begins with good data management habits. By teaching any staff that may utilize networked devices the importance of securing their terminals and even encrypting data that they are working on, you can stave off most problems that could befall your organization. Malware is often one of the easiest things to introduce into your network and can wreak havoc on your system’s integrity. Installing firewall software and training your staff to better combat security leaks and breaches has become a core component in the fight against data loss and financial damages as a result.

Keep your crew competitive with high-quality training.


Project management is a crucial component in producing consistently high-quality results. With PMP online classes, you can promote your best talent with years of experience from within instead of going outside to find high-quality project managers that can continue to drive product contracts and sales. A PMP certificate requires an individual to show dedication to their craft and prepare for the PMP exam, Project managers are dedicated leaders that do their best to constantly help their team’s perform at peak levels across the firm’s development and fabrication teams. The expertise provided through the training of a project management institute and the resulting certificate of proof that a project manager can boast is an essential component of enlisting high-quality teams that begin with rock-solid leadership all the way down through the ranks. With the setbacks as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, online education has become crucial to continuing these opportunities for aspiring members of your core production team. Online PMP certification has led to the continuance of this pillar of an industry that would be rendered frozen without the help of technology and secured online interactions with training staff and aspiring project managers.

Technology breeds productivity and a happier, healthier, and more vibrant workforce. Instituting these practices and bringing new tools into your outfit is the way of the future.

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