Why You May Want to Consider a Ductless System

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Your home’s air conditioning and heating units are among its most important elements. After all, what homeowner doesn’t want to keep themselves and their family safe and comfortable? You have several options, starting with window air units and space heaters, but these are hardly the most efficient options to cool or heat an entire home. Most people probably think of a traditional HVAC system with a compressor, furnace, and duct network, and while this is the most common option, it isn’t necessarily the best. In recent years, ductless systems have been rising in popularity, and some HVAC professionals are starting to suggest them as solutions to the vast majority of needs.

As the name suggests, a ductless mini-split system is an HVAC system that works without the traditional ductwork throughout a home. In a single-zone system, the ductless HVAC system consists of one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. This is generally used to heat or cool one specific area, such as an addition to the home. In a multi-zone system, the outdoor unit is connected to multiple indoor units to service the entire home. Units are connected via electrical wiring and refrigerant tubes. Reasons to get a ductless system are plenty and varied, but here are a few of the most important.

Improve your indoor air quality.


There’s nothing more important than your health, and the quality of your air can have a significant impact on it. Pollutants like dust, allergens, mold, and harmful household chemicals like radon can lead to headaches, fatigue, respiratory issues, and an even higher risk for lung cancer. When thinking about contaminants and pollutants, you likely think of overcrowded cities and outdoor areas. Still, it’s not uncommon for indoor pollutant levels to be two to five times higher indoors than outdoors.

This is due to various factors, including the humidity level of the home and how often it’s cleaned. However, something that is inevitable with ductwork is that it will get full of dust and possibly grow mold. The air conditioner and heating processes will then blow these contaminants around your home, causing them to reach places they normally wouldn’t. With a ductless air conditioner, you eliminate this risk and don’t have to worry about duct cleanings.

Eliminate duct loss.

Another factor to consider when you have ductwork is how big the network is and how far the heated or cooled air actually has to travel to get to all the rooms in your home. Thanks to this loss, the air system actually has to work harder to keep your rooms at the desired temperature. With a ductless mini-split, the air is being delivered directly from the outdoor unit into each room, so you don’t have to worry about temperature loss or reduced efficiency.

Lower your energy bill.


Speaking of efficiency, you also don’t have to worry about any leaks in air ducts without ductwork, resulting in lost efficiency or additional energy expenditure. What’s more, since a ductless mini-split has to transfer heat rather than generate it, they can heat a room using up to 60% less energy than traditional systems. They’re also able to cool homes using roughly 30% less energy than the typical HVAC system. This is partly because a ductless system uses only a heat pump for both heating and cooling instead of requiring multiple components for each job.

Install a mini-split anywhere.

Since a ductless HVAC system basically just requires a small hole in the wall to connect wires, they’re by far the most versatile choice out there. This way, you can install a full HVAC system even in an old home with no ductwork. If you decide to add rooms to your home later, a ductless heat pump is a great option to supplement the existing system. You can even install ductless technology in garages or an outdoor shed to make them more comfortable.

There are many great advantages for homeowners to choose a ductless mini system, not least because it gives you the most options.

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